E minor Pentatonic mode guitar scales

Full five positions in the key of E for the minor pentatonic mode .

This is the easiest , yet most common scale in rock music . Always learn a new mode in E as it starts with open , from the very beginning and finishes at the 12th fret . Once you have done this , just repeat the shapes again from the 12th . This will give you a full 2 octaves starting from open . Don't try learning this in every key too , as the shapes are always the same . If you then played the mode in G for example , just start from the third fret . The red circles show the root notes (all the E's) And the red triangles are easy bend notes . You can bend any note in a scale by knowing where the next one is , but the ones in the triangles fit to anything to get you started .

Why not learn this mode and try to play some lead over our backing tracks . I have selected one Blues and one Rock , both in the key of E . Use the links below to try the scales to the the backing tracks .

Blues key = E

Rock key = E